The smallest pulsed magnetic field device worldwide - sinus Body!
    The sinus Body is a miniaturised, pulsed magnetic field device. It has battery-powered electronics that produce a pulsed magnetic field matching that of nature, at a frequency of 8 Hz (hertz). This means it induces 8 pulses per second. This is the magnetic field that should be transmitted to humans through natural geomagnetism. The sinus Body is also informed by a specially developed field exposure technology for detecting interference frequencies and for neutralising them via destructive interference. This works on the principle of bioresonance regulation.



    How does a Meta-Converter work?

    With the help of a pulse irradiation technology, which was developed over the course of around 25 years out of the therapy of hundreds of professionals, a Converter, together with Vital products, can be provided with bioresonant frequency. The result is a stimulus-reaction vitalisation frequency, which is activated if necessary (where there is damage or disturbance) and neutralises potentially harmful frequencies. Which of the different frequencies are released depends on the task of the respective Converter.

    Electro-smog - what is it?

    Electronic smog emerges as a field emission from an electromagnetic wave. It is something that always occurs when electricity is technically generated in any form, transported or used. It is an unnatural process and can interfere with our body‘s cells. This means that when electricity is produced by artificial means (generators), transported bundled over distances (cables of all kinds, radio waves as well as batteries) and then is used in a consumer electronic device (all devices use electricity, from mobile phones, electric toothbrushes, lights in the car etc.) these scattered fields, known as electronic smog, are the result. Harmful to the biology of the body, the resulting disruptive influences can be measured medically.



    Emoto water crystal certified

    The laboratory Hado-Life (Emoto) has performed a measurement of the chip energy in combination with Water. During the test, a glass filled with neutral water (see above, osmosis water) was vitalized with the chip for one hour. The result after one hour is absolutely stunning, and shows the amazing change in frequency the Chip can make.







    Reflex zones and acupuncture points have long been central to Asian culture when it comes to the well-being of man. They describe the connection of emotions and organisational affinity in a complex system. The reflex zones in the face play a decisive role, because our face can be described as a link between body, mind and soul in relation to the outside world. It is the mirror of the life we have lived.

    The realisation that the most sensitive reflex zones lie on the face and that these have a direct influence on the internal organs, may make the importance of the composition of the cosmetics to be applied, even more distinct.